If your question is not covered here, please don't hesitate to drop me an email I’m happy to help.


What clothes should I wear to the consultation?

Something that you feel comfortable in. It doesn't matter if it isnt the right colour or shape for you, thats what you will discover during the consultation.


Should I wear make-up to the consultation?

Wear as much or as little make up as you would normally wear. If you are having a colour analysis, you will have to remove your make-up so that I can see your true skin colour.


Will I have to strip down to my underwear?

No! I can analyse your body shape without you having to get undressed.


Where do consultations take place?

Usually at your home in surroundings that you feel comfortable and confident in. This also allows me to look and advise you about items that you already own without you having to cart them around.


How far will you travel?

My packages include travel within 30 miles of my home in Wollaton, Nottingham. I am willing to travel further, but this will involve a charge for additional mileage.


I want to book an Individual Package but I am not sure which one, what do I do? 

I am more than happy to discuss the packages with you on the phone to help you decide which would be the perfect fit for your needs. You can also upgrade packages at any time.

I would like to go Personal Shopping, how much money will I need to buy new pieces?

I can work within any budget. Typically my client’s have between £250 and £2,000 to spend. It really depends upon the pieces you need and the brands you like. We can discuss your needs and budget thoroughly during the initial consultation and agree a shopping list of the pieces to find beforehand. There is no pressure to buy a specific amount during a personal shop, I am not linked to any stores 

Do you do Gift Vouchers?

Yes, these can either be for a specific service or for a monetary amount in part payment of a service.


How long are Gift Vouchers valid for?

6 months of the date of the event they were purchased for. The date is printed on the Certificate.


Do you require a deposit?

Yes, for Individual Consultations I require a £50 deposit once a date for a consultation is agreed. For Group Packages I require payment of the full session from each attendee upon booking. Full Terms and Conditions will be emailed to you after booking an appointment. This does not affect your statutory rights.

How can payment be made?

My preferred method of payment is by Bank Transfer. Upon agreeing a date for a consultation I will send an invoice with details of payment information on it.