I'm on a mission to help others get clarity to know what suits them, be able to express their style and reignite their confidence in clothes!

Where it all started

I'm always asked how I became a style coach and why, particularly when people hear I was a solicitor beforehand! It's because I have experienced the life changing effects of a consultation myself and been on the journey to implement it.

I was gifted a colour analysis consultation for my 16th birthday by my dad and step-mum. I was quite a 'geeky' looking teenager, not yet 'blossomed', was the first to have braces in my year and wore glasses. I didn't know what suited me and didn't have much confidence in my clothing.

As I saw the drapes going on I could see the remarkable difference that the different colours had on my complexion. In orange and khaki my skin looked sallow and I looked really unwell (now I know why I looked so awful in a family photo shoot when we all coordinated in burnt orange tops!). I was particularly astounded by the effect on my dark undereye circles, which I always felt conscious of (in the days before Touche Eclat was available to give them a helping hand!), the right colours made them completely disappear! 

Afterwards I felt empowered knowing exactly what to choose. I've always liked to have guidelines to follow and my colour swatch became my bible, I would read the advice on the back, it would come shopping with me and I still have it now!  I felt enlightened by my consultation and have always stuck to the rules that I learnt, my burnt orange top was thrown out immediately and I have never ever been tempted to wear it since! 

Time for a change of career

I always enthused about the experience to friends and colleagues, so much so some decided to have their own consultations. At the time, I never considered being a colour consultant or stylist as a potential career, it wasn't the norm and I was advised to have a 'proper' career. So I went down the traditional University route, subsequently qualifying as a Solicitor and practising in matrimonial law for 10 years. But, as many women do, after having my son I reevaluated my work situation, to do something that was flexible around him and something that I really enjoyed and could be passionate about, the All England Law Reports just didn't do that!

When I thought back to what I loved most, I've always loved organising and would regularly 'weed' my mums wardrobe. I've always loved finding as many combinations as I could in activities, I used to spend hours on my Fashion Wheel as a child (remember them?!), that would now be the equivalent of a capsule wardrobe! I've always been interested in what other people wear and why, but most of all I've always been aware that some women just have confidence and knowledge to always know what suits them and looks good, where others of us need extra help and guidance to learn that so that we can embrace our natural attributes and enhance what we naturally have through our clothing and appearance, to feel confident. To me they go hand in hand.

Media and Appearances

I’m very lucky to have done presentations at WiRe, Girl Tribe Gang, ABW as well as the WI, alongside appearing on Notts TV, BBC Radio Nottingham and Newark. I also regularly work with Marshalls Yard Shopping Center in Gainsborough and Dotique in Chesterfield. I am also a member of the Image Consulting Company.

A few of my favourite things

  • Being outdoors, riding my bike around town or at a country park with my son.

  • Knitting is my therapy and I've always got a project on the go!

  • My tipple is a glass of Prosecco or Baileys.

  • I prefer biscuits over chocolate or sweets.

  • I'm an avid Audible listener.

  • My style icon is Olivia Palmero.

  • I love the Nordic principles of living, the simplicity and emphasis on family and after reading 'A Year Living Danishly' I'd happily move to Denmark!

  • This year I want to learn calligraphy.