Services designed specifically for those that have had a consultation with me or know their colour, proportions and style already. Keep your wardrobe up to date, by continuing to be introduced to new brands and styles, as well as how to incorporate key seasonal trends into outfits. Never fall back into a rut again!

One Off Fixes

Whether you need a quick wardrobe update, have a special occasion coming up or need a larger wardrobe update, let me know what you need and I will do all the legwork for you.

I will select pieces that you can mix and match together, to create new outfits and combine with your existing wardrobe all tailored to you. You will receive fully curated pieces with advice about how to wear the pieces and how to combine them. You simply follow the link and order the items from the shop when you’re ready.

Virtual Services
from 45.00
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Full Style Fix

For when you need a full wardrobe update, whether that be for a new season or holiday. Around 25 pieces to choose from.

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Monthly Fix

A regular bespoke selection of new pieces to inspire you and to keep your wardrobe fresh and up to date!

Monthly recommendations handpicked by me especially for you from the latest collections, including notification of relevant brand discounts. This service ensures that you get notified of the latest pieces as they become available and any relevant brand discounts that you could benefit from.

Designed for those that have had a consultation with me or already know your colour, proportions and style. Including a mix of clothing and accessories with advice about how to wear and combine with other items. You’ll have the option to tailor the selection each month if you want to concentrate on a particular area of your wardrobe, otherwise you’ll be sent a selection of pieces tailored to you. Cancel at any time.


Monthly Subscription

5 pieces hand selected for you each month. £15


Bi Monthly Subscription

7 pieces delivered by email every other month. £21