Here's what some of my lovely past client's have said about working with me:

THANK YOU!!! Went shopping this weekend, armed with my swatches, came away with two tops and four pairs of trousers that I am delighted with.......the difference in my confidence levels was eeee-nor-mouse! You have helped me to get rid of a lot of the hhmmmm-ing and aaahh-ing over styles, colours and fit. You’re a gem and I am so delighted that we met. Thank you again xx
— Suzanne, Health Kinesiologist
I love clothes and fashion but with no time to shop, I had lost my way and my confidence. In a couple of hours Hayley totally sorted my wardrobe, we decided what to keep and what to chuck, she advised me on shapes, styles and colours, as well as shoes, jewellery and accessories (and even undies!), and I’m now ready to shop, knowing just what key pieces I need. I really recommend Hayley - and have booked her to come shopping with me in January, too Well worth the investment to avoid expensive mistakes in the future - I’ve made plenty of those.
— Louise, Marketing Executive
I’d always loved the idea of having my colour analysis done but the thought of having someone root through my wardrobe was terrifying.
But when the other half didn’t have a clue what to buy me I suggested a session with Hayley, much to his amusement!
It was fab, my wardrobe is now leaner. Key pieces I was missing were identified, it’s organised so I can create outfits easier and best of all I’ve got a colour palette to take with me shopping so I’m clear on what will bring out my best.
Oh, not to forget the Pinterest board created just for me with style ideas.
Don’t procrastinate about it, book an appointment!
— Clair, Perceptive Mentor
I have never been much into makeup and clothes. I have always tried to look like I haven’t tried and have always really enjoyed trying to fit into a bit of an alternative type style. That was fine and I think I may have managed it ok until three things happened: I had kids, I turned 40 and I started my own business. I realised that my ‘effortless’ style was now just boring and unadventurous which is not the bracket I wanted to put myself and my clothes into. Hayley came over to my house and understood me completely and could see the look I was trying to achieve. Days later I received my boards with all her suggestions of outfits. I LOVED the way she did this! All I had to do was click on the link and order the clothes online. My shopping was complete in under an hour, a welcome relief for me as I am not a big fan of trolling the shops. She has introduced me to new styles and I now have the confidence to wear them and she showed me brands that I had been unfamiliar with but will now become some of my staples.
Hayley is a down-to-earth, intuitive, friendly person who has her finger on the pulse. Something I find very hard to keep up with being a busy person as well. She has now become the little fashion voice inside my head when I look at clothes which is much nicer than the voice of self-doubt that was there before.
— Jen, The Split Screen Coffee Company
I was very apprehensive about the style session with Hayley Eleanor, this was solely due to the fact that I have very few clothes (I really am not a shopper) I have put on weight over the last year and am uncomfortable plus i really am not keen on blue and a previous stylist had said I should wear blue.
So I opened the door and really tried to stall as much as i could before opening my drawers for Hayley to see. But i need not have worried Hayley explained the process, showed me the dramatic affect the wrong colours had on my skintone and also advised how important sleeve and bottom length was. The best bit it all made sense and I could incorporate it into my daily life. It was a very informative, relaxed and confidence building morning. I would highly recommend Hayleys services and suggest all women of a certain age will benefit from a style consultation.
Elaine Mitchell empowered soul coach.
— Elaine Mitchell, Empowered Soul Coach
Before my consultation with Hayley I thought my wardrobe was reasonable if not a little out of date however, I needed some direction as I had become misguided with regard to what worked for me and my body shape.
The consultation has changed everything I thought about what I wear, I am now totally clear on what colours suit me and what styles suit my body shape, I take my colour swatch with me everywhere I go to ensure I get it right and I am finding it much easier to choose styles that I know will suit me. My first purchase made me think ‘wow’ this does work. I cannot thank Hayley enough for the confidence and clarity it has provided me and I would highly recommend to anyone.
— Lucy, Regional Business Manager
After being recommended to see Hayley by several different friends I was so glad I booked to see her as she got me out of a style rut that has been lasting literally years and bringing me down! The session with Hayley has been life changing and everyone around me has noticed the difference in how I look too. It’s amazing what colour can do!
I used to love shopping but in the last 5-10 years I had gradually had less and less success with it. I dreaded it to the point I’d been struggling for clothes to wear day to day, let alone for special occasions. Plus, I didn’t know why but the clothes I had just didn’t make me feel good. They were functional but I didn’t feel good or eager to be seen.
Hayley showed me which colours suited my skin tone best and talked me through styles to suit my body shape. It was transformational! I would highly recommend also opting for a shopping trip with her if you have been struggling for a LONG time like I have - it helped me get out of my old rut. Now shopping is fast - and I know WHY my old clothes didn’t feel right! I can now spot clothes that will likely suit me or not while still on the hanger. Shopping is fast, easy and even if I don’t buy anything, it’s fun and feels like a success! Yay!! Thank you, Hayley!
— Joanna, Mindset Editor and Dream Awakener
I decided its time in my life to think about me and was put in contact with Hayley to find renewed interest in my eclectic wardrobe. We spent a fantastic afternoon chopping and changing my clothes around and making quite a few pieces redundant for various reasons. It has given me a much better understanding of colours that complement me as well as the styles that suit my shape best. Hayley was fun to work with and I look forward to seeing what pieces she picks out for me to add to my collection.
— Jacqui, Fuchsia Fairy
Before my Just For Tummies photo-shoot in July I had Hayley Eleanor help me with my colours and styling. Hayley took me shopping into Nottingham. Shopping for clothes has never been my favourite past-time. However, we had a great day and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Hayley made it very pleasurable and now when I go shopping for clothes, I know exactly what to buy in terms of the colour and style. This saves me time and money. I have a wardrobe full of lovely clothes that I wear, whereas before I had far too many clothes and only wore a fraction of them. If I’m going to an important event, I always run things by Hayley first.
— Linda Booth, Just for Tummies
Hayley is ace! I had been toying with the idea of contacting a stylist for a while but my then (long standing) partner kept telling me that I could do it myself. A life coach being told what to do – I think not! However, although I didn’t do anything much about it immediately I did a few weeks later attend an hour’s workshop that Hayley was running to get a better idea about what it entailed. I figured that I knew what colours suited me but really just wanted some help with my wardrobe as it was full of clothes but I found it difficult putting outfits together. I also disliked clothes shopping for all the hassle involved.

In a nutshell following the workshop I booked Hayley for her full package and was thrilled I did. I did however discover quite quickly that the colours I had been wearing were too strong for my complexion and that black really wasn’t for me – oh dear. That was a huge chunk of my wardrobe gone instantly (I could keep some items of choice of course) along with clothes that just didn’t suit my body shape.

Suddenly I started to see what worked. This was further enhanced by a shopping trip – bliss. Hayley had already been into the shops and had rails ready for me to try on and went back out to get other items too. Although for a non-shopper I was soon worn out I did have a fantastic capsule of new clothes and a great idea of what fitted and what colours to look out for too moving forwards. And since our trip I have confidently bought new clothes that work with my new wardrobe – everything works together and I can put outfits together with ease …

Even better, by changing my clothes, both in the shapes and in the colours, I feel that I’ve dropped 2 dress sizes instantly. Shopping is so much easier too as I know what to look for rather than feeling overwhelmed.

And, it’s been a fabulous therapy too, as around the same time of booking Hayley my partner and I split up so great timing for a make-over that has made me feel great.

Thank you Hayley – a fantastic experience that has made getting dressed so much easier in the morning and always results in me wearing clothes that make me feel good too.
— Sarah, Recruitment Consultant and Coach
I absolutely loved my consultation and shopping trip with Hayley (a lovely Birthday gift from my husband). Hayley instantly puts you at ease and is extremely approachable, professional and knowledgable. She has opened my eyes to new colour combinations and has renewed my love of clothes and shopping. I also can’t stop looking inside my wardrobe to gaze at my perfectly organised, colour co-ordinated clothes hanging there. I will no longer be wasting money on spontaneous purchases that don’t ever get worn! I can highly recommend a consultation with Hayley - a very wise investment!
— Melissa Bainbridge, FM Cosmetics and Fragrances
Thank you so much Hayley for pointing me in the right fashion direction finally. Hayley assessed me for colour matches and a body analysis and it was the best treat i could have given myself! Your time, advice and attention to detail was fantastic so much so that Ive not stopped talking about the experience since, highly recommended to all who want to dress to impress. I adore my style swatch and book (which i read on repeat). Hayley im spreading the word on how amazing the experience was to all my friends and family and cant wait to show off my book and swatch to them. thank you again for your time& attention to detail & tip top honest advice.
— Amanda, Dental Nurse
After turning into a working yummy mummy I wanted some inspiration and guidance into what would suit me but still look professional at work. Hayley worked her magic. I had a lovely session where she set me at ease and took her time guiding me back into fashion! I loved the colour analysis, so much so that I don’t buy anything without checking it against my colour swatch! I now have a great capsule wardrobe (work and play) and feel great. Thank you Hayley xx

I was really pleased to meet Hayley at a Women’s Networking Meeting. The speaker of the day hadn’t turned up and so as an image consultant Hayley was asked to do an impromptu talk which she did very eloquently. I was fascinated by her knowledge on styles and colours and how to mix and match different items of clothing. It made me realize that I would benefit from Hayley’s knowledge as I’d always struggled with what suits my shape and also what colours would be best for me to wear. I asked her to come to my home for a consultation which she did and I have never looked back. She went right through my wardrobe and there was quite a lot of clothing that I knew I didn’t enjoy wearing but hadn’t realized that was because the shape of the garment wasn’t right for my shape. When I go shopping now I know exactly what styles and colours I’m looking for now which cuts down a lot of time, and I always have the colour swatches in my handbag to refer to. Hayley is extremely knowledgeable and also a lovely person. I am delighted in the way she passed on her knowledge to me and cannot recommend her highly enough.
— Margaret, Hypnotherapist
I’ve found Hayley’s colour analysis has totally changed how I shop. I now know what colours suit me, and it’s made the limited time I have available for shopping much more efficient. I can now walk into a shop, have a quick look and see if colours they have in are going to work or if I need to move on, without rooting around the whole shop. I know it’s working as I have received so many compliments on new outfits!
— Sarah, Programme Manager

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