Client Experience: Colour Analysis for Two

Back in March I teamed up with Dotique to offer two ladies a chance to win a Colour Consultation with me and a voucher for them each to spend in the boutique.

The Winners

The winner was chosen completely at random and was the lovely Jackie, who nominated her long term friend, Tina, to share the experience with her. In her entry Jackie said:

" I would love to share this experience with my lovely friend, she has been through so much the past 12 months and will have to continue fighting for many more months she has also had to remain strong for her husband. They both remain positive and are both determined to win the battle. It would be a wonderful treat for her xx "

Discovering their Colours

The morning started with a Colour Consultation for Jackie and Tina. For anybody not familiar with Colour Analysis, it is a process of discovering your unique palette of colours which enhances and harmonises your natural colour characteristics. The palette colours also compliment each other, making it easy to co-ordinate outfits. I used a series of drapes to determine Jackie and Tina's colour palette, here are the results:

  • Jackie loves pink and wears a lot of it!

  • Jackie is very fair with blue eyes and glows in the soft, light colours of the Summer seasonal palette. 

  • Jackie in some of her WOW colours of turquoise, burgundy and violet, which she'd previously not considered. 

  • Tina loves neutral colours and her current wardrobe has a lot of black, navy and teal.

  • Tina has warm brown eyes and looks stunning in the soft warm colours of the Autumn season palette. 

  • Tina adored the combination of peach and olive, as well as wanting to find some rust pieces to incorporate into her wardrobe.

Creating the Outfits

Jackie wanted some ideas for new casual trouser and t-shirt combination, whilst incorporating a faux leather blush jacket that she'd spotted in store a few weeks earlier, the pink trousers she already owned and some similar silver trainers to ones she has. Here are the pieces I chose for Jackie, all available instore at Dotique.


Tina was looking for some smart, casual looks and had seen a black zip back top she liked whilst she had been looking around. But when she tried on this stunning jumpsuit she fell in love, exclaiming that the simple contemporary design 'is just so me'. The black top was no longer!

The Final Selections

Here are Jackie and Tina in the outfits that they chose:


If you’re interested in finding out more about a Consultation instore at Dotique you can find out more here.