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How to Find Your Perfect Skirt

One of the most requested and coveted items amongst my client’s is helping them find their perfect skirt. Here are some recent questions I have been asked and what to look for:

Perfect Pleats

I would really love a pleated skirt but they make my bum look big, is there any that would work on me?

  • Opt for a skirt with a thin pencil pleat rather than a thicker pleat, which will have a tendency to stick out over any curves.

  • A skirt with sewn down pleats around the middle will show off your waist and then flow over your hips.

  • Ensure that you balance your outfit. If you wear a full skirt with ballet pumps, it will make your bottom half look larger than it is because the volume of the skirt against the weight of the shoes is disproportionate. Instead try a medium weight shoe, such as a wedge or trainer with a thicker sole which will anchor the volume of a skirt.

Skirts to try:

Petite Proportions

I’m petite and find that normal size skirts drown me, but I don’t always like the petite ranges.

  • Look for skirts which sit just above the knee will extend the length of your legs making you look taller.

  • If you want to wear midi or maxi skirts, go for styles which have vertical details like buttons or slits to counteract the length.

  • Go for skirts that are streamlined without too much detail, too much fabric or details will swamp your frame. Horizontal stripes or colour blocks will create visual cut offs,

Skirts to try:

Tummy Comfort

I would really like to find a skirt this summer, but carry weight around my middle and tend to bloat through the day. I find skirts are all too tight around my tummy.

  • Look for a skirt that sits higher on the waist and a flat front which will provide support to your tummy.

  • Rather than going for a rigid waistband, opt for one that has some stretch or elastic at the back, also perfect if your tummy tends to distend through the day.

  • Avoid any pleating below the waistband as it will add bulk to your tummy area.

Skirts to try:

Maternity Ranges

I’m pregnant and starting to struggle to fit into normal elasticated skirts, are there any pretty ones out there other than black or striped jersey?

  • ASOS has a good range of fashion led maternity pieces form their own collections as well as brands like New Look and Mama.Licious, as well as smaller satellite collections from other brands.

  • Specialist Maternity brands such as Seraphine and Jojo Manmanbebe tend to have a couple of nice skirts in their collections too.

  • I’ve always been impressed with Topshops maternity collection- even if you don’t wear there mainline ones! All like Petite and Tall collections it’s exclusively online.

Skirts to try:

Bottom Line

I don’t have much hips or bum and just can’t find skirts that hang right on me.

  • Play up your bottom by going for pockets, details, ruching and embellishments around the hips and bottom.

  • Go for skirts which have pattern or are lighter in colour, then balance out with a darker, plainer top.

  • Try bias cut skirts, wide pleats, wrap details and patch pockets.

Skirts to try:

Curve Collections

I’m a size 20 and really struggle to find nice looking skirts which aren’t frumpy, any ideas?

  • A lot of High Street stores offer extended collections online, although they don’t always stock them in store because of space. M&S, Seasalt, Oasis and Mango all have good collections.

  • Navabi is one of my favourite online retailers which specialises in premium fashion from independent brands, with ranges in sizes from 14 to 32. Although they have plenty of reasonably priced brands aswell.

  • If you struggle with chaffing during the summer, try Snags new Chub Rub Shorts which have breathable and moisture wicking fabric to keep you cool. they also do great tights!

Skirts to try:

I hope that helps, if you have any other questions about skirts please do not let me know!