Talking to Arms and Shoes As Spanners: Meet Suzanne Smith


In January 2016 Suzanne decided that it was time to leave her management accounting role in the Insurance Industry and  pursue a passion for helping people as a holistic therapist. After experiencing the benefits of Kinesology for herself, Suzanne decided to help others bring their body back into balance, allowing them to boost their energy, revitalise their body and feel great again. 

Suzanne's speciality is in helping those suffering from illnesses such as ME and Fibromyaligia which lead to symptoms of chronic fatigue. Here's Suzanne's Story:


Suzanne's Business

Working her magic with a client

Working her magic with a client

What made you start your business?

It didn't start out as a business decision, I wanted to pursue my interest and knowledge with health kinesology as it fascinated me, the whole concept of talking to your arm! It snowballed from that. Eighteen months on and I'm increasingly business focused and it's growing.

Who inspires you?

The women that I meet, who are all at different stages of progress in their business. It makes me realise that I can do it. Everybody's out there trying their damnest to do their best and succeed on their own terms.

Best piece of advice you have given or have received?

I was told by another therapist it would take three years to build up a client base. This gave me a rule of thumb to work to, knowing that it took time to build up a client referring sustainable business. I'm half way there and it keeps me going. I'm also a fatalist, you bump into people at the time you need to bump into them.

What’s your must read book or resource?

I like two different genres, I like to immerse myself in fantasy books, like the Twilight series which I find easy to read and take me away from reality. I also enjoy personal development books; I've read two books recently which are One Big Thing by Phil Cooke and The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks, both about getting the best out of yourself. Both are slim books that didn't take long to read but the contents really made me sit up and think.

Do you have a go to look or outfit for work?

My style has changed a lot, it varies now depending on my mood. Previously it was mix and match trousers and jackets which created quite similar outfits. Nowadays, I continue to wear trousers for practicality as I move around a lot during treatments. I team the trousers with a smart jacket, a blouse or a cardigan, as I don't feel dressed otherwise! I usually wear a scarf to finish the outfit.

Networking online or offline?  


Facebook or Instagram? 


Paper diary or digital?

Both, which is a bit mad! Paper for when I'm with client's and digital for on the go so I can check what I'm meant to be doing!

Phone call or email? 

Phone call.

Coffee or tea? 

Always tea!

Suzanne's Lifestyle

Enjoying family time

Enjoying family time

Favourite way to de-stress and chill?

Being with friends or reading.

Do you have a secret passion or hobby?

I love walking and connecting back to the world. We're so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the country.

Ideal holiday location?

It varies so much! I love cities and the buzz, I try to spend a lot of time in London; ideally I'd like to spend two or three days a month there if a could.

What one ‘bucket list’ thing would you love to do this year?

Go to a resort with a blue-green sea, a white beach and hammock, with accommodation being a stones throw away. I don't care about the location, just the setting, 

Three things you’d take on a desert island?

A desert island cookbook- 1001 ways to eat coconuts or something! A radio to connect with the outside world if you wanted to and/or something to listen to or play music on.

Suzanne's Style

Treasured pieces from Suzanne's wardrobe

Treasured pieces from Suzanne's wardrobe

What's the best bargain in your wardrobe?

Over the years, shoes. I love shoes! I a pair from Majorca with the girls about 20 years ago [on the right]. I thought they were fabulous! But they were a bit ridiculous as I kept tripping over the pointy ends!  Probably time to let them go.

Most treasured or oldest item in your wardrobe?

I bought a fab belt with a rhinestone buckle on it [on the right]. The leather belt it was attached to has since disintegrated but I love it and can't bear to part with it!

Latest wardrobe addition?

I've got a formal ladies dinner go to next week, I bought a jacket in royal blue, bright red and black stripes. I just need to find a little top to sit underneath it.

What’s on your wish list at the moment?

Some winter trousers, preferably not in black!

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

According to my husband too many! Probably about 15- 20. I told my husband it's like have different spanners for different jobs, you need shoes for different occassions!

Heels or Flats?


Shoes or handbags?


Skirt or trousers?


Lipstick or smoky eye?


Hat or scarf?


Thank you Suzanne! You can find out more about Suzanne and how she can help revitalise your energy on her Facebook page or website.