5 of the Best Pyjama Style Blouses

When this style first began to appear in the shops I was sceptical, ‘hmmm, do people really want to look like they’re wearing their pyjamas out of the house?’ But as I’ve learnt, never say never!

Inspired by the loungewear of the Twenties, they are usually made of a silk or satin material which gives them a beautiful drape that skims over the torso. The revere collar is particularly flattering on a full bust. They are a very chic alternative to a shirt or cotton blouse, especially if you struggle to find them to fit.

To avoid it looking like you have stepped out of the house in your nightwear (unless that’s the look you’re going for!) wear them with something tailored and avoid ‘fun’ prints.

I’ve recommended them to a couple of my client’s, they have bought and absolutely love them!

Ideas to Style It:

Blouses you can buy now:

What do you think of the pyjama blouse? Have you already got one or are you tempted to give it a try?

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