Wearable Colour Trends for Spring Summer 2019

As the January sales come to an end, the new season pieces are beginning to arrive in store. It’s always good to know what you will see when you visit the shops or look online as it reduces the overwhelm when you know what to expect.

One obvious change every season is the colours that appear in the collections. This is something that filters down from the catwalk shows and our reflected in the annual Pantone Colour Palette which rounds up those most popular colours seen in the designer collections.

As always, I’m not suggesting that you go out and buy into all of these colours, some you may simply not like or may not be able to incorporate in your wardrobe, but choose the ones that you like and will work in your wardrobe.


1. The Pantone Colour of the Year

Always guaranteed to appear in most High Street collections. This year Pantone announced ‘Living Coral’ as their colour of their year. The energising colour is said to provide warmth, nourishment and comfort.

Will it suit me? True coral has a warm golden undertone, so will always look it’s best on those with naturally warmer skin tones and colouring. However it does come in a variety of hues to suit different complexions and personalities. So brighter shades will suit those with bright complexions and contrast in their skin tone. Go for a deeper coral if you are darker. Or try a shade with a pinkier tones in it if you are cool.

Ideas to style it:


1. You’ll see the fashion elite wearing it head to toe or with other contrasting brights like pink, teal and aqua.

2. For day to day with a more understated neutral palette such as navy, grey, stone or white will make it more wearable.

3. Team it with pastels to soften the look.

Here are some coral pieces you can buy now:

2. Terranium Moss

A dark green colour, similar to khaki in hue. Usually a favourite through the autumn seasons.

Will it suit me? With it’s soft hue, it will be perfect for anybody who suits more muted shades and will reflect beautifully against hazel eyes. Those with warm colouring will radiate in the more orange based moss colours, team it with cream, Chestnut brown, orhre or mustard. Those with deeper colouring would look amazing combining it with a deep red lipstick. Those that are cooler would be best in a grey moss hue, or contrast it with a fuchsia pink or sky blue.

Ideas to style it:

  1. Combine with two different shades of green and a colour pop shoe. Here a tweed blazer teamed with darker green trousers.

  2. Worn by Olivia Palmero teamed with grey in a very minimalist look.

  3. An alternative to a LBD, works beautifully with this seasons animal print trend for a very a high fashion look.

Here are some moss pieces you can buy now:

3. Beige

No longer just for granny’s (although you’d never find mine wearing it!) Traditionally it’s been seen as boring and drab, but can actually look very chic and elegant in the right silhouettes. Seen on the catwalk in shades from camel to toffee and everything inbetween.

Is it for you? Beige itself is a very light brown shade, so true beige will look best on those that are fair. However you can make it your own by choosing a more taupe shade if you are cooler toned. If it makes you feel washed out, avoid wearing it around your face, instead team it with a pop of colour or deeper shade.

Ideas to style it:

  1. Add a pop of colour to lift the beige.

  2. Try it in outerwear, think Audrey Hepburn in her classic trench coat, nothing drab about that!

  3. Beige is a good neutral to use as a base for outfits. I’ve already seen lots of collections featuring tailored beige trousers (not the polyester shiny types!) which look for chic. Alternatively try a top with a shimmer for a luxe golden glow.

Here are some beige pieces you can buy now:

4. Acid Brights

Definitely one for those that are colour confident and want to make a statement! From Pink Peacock to Princess Blue, bright Fiesta red and Tumeric orange, the Pantone palette is full of acid brights!

Is it for you? If you like a bold dramatic look, acid brights will be perfect for you! Wear them contrasting together for an attention grabbing look or team with neutrals to ground them. You cna make a more subtle statement using it in colour pops in accessories. The brightness will particularly suit those with high contrast in their natural colouring, such as those who suit the winter and spring palettes. It may overwhelm those of you with softer colouring if worn in blocks.

Ideas to style it:

  1. Go neutral, consider navy, burgundy or grey rather than black, as it will provide less contrast.

  2. You’ll also find that wearing brights with a pattern will break up the intensity.You can subdue it by teaming it with pastels or dress it down with denim.

  3. If you want to go bold, pair two brights together or go for a double block in a suit.

Here are some brights pieces you can buy now:

5. Sweet Lilac

A cool baby pink with a hint of lavender. A very pretty and feminine colour, but can be combined with other colours and used in streamlined silhouettes to make it less sweet.

Is it for you? The cool undertone is ideal with those of you with soft summer colouring. Ideal to incorporate into a very romantic feminine look, but also looks great used to create a clean minimal look or pair with checks for a more rustic look. Pair it with grey for an overall cool look or with camel to warm it up. Create a tonal look combining with other pinks and purples such as mauve, aubergine and fuchsia.

Ideas to style it:

  1. Used as outerwear in a clean minimalist trench coat for a very contemporary look.

  2. Embracing the romantic factor with feminine frills and ruffles.

  3. Paired with one of the other big trends of beige.

Here are some lilac pieces you can buy now:

I hope this offered a good insight into what to expect on the High Street. If you want personalised advice for the season ahead, take a look at the services I offer both in person and online.

Thank you.

Hayley x

Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right (4).jpg