Flexible Working and a Yearning for Quiet Time: Meet Melissa Bainbridge


Mel's warm and charismatic personality instantly puts you at ease when you meet her. She is supportive and compassionate, balancing her business with two young boys.

Mel is a business partner at FM Cosmetics and Fragrances and is focused on building her team and spreading awareness of the FM products. It was Mel who introduced me to the fabulous FM mineral make-up that I now wear ever day and recommend to my client's!

Here's Mel's Story:


Mel's Business

Experimenting with her FM Make-Up kit

Experimenting with her FM Make-Up kit

What made you start your business?

After having my eldest son, Jack, I decided to leave my career in marketing for a more flexible lifestyle around my son and family. I discovered FM two years ago whilst I was in another network marketing business, Stella & Dot. I immediately loved the FM products and accessible price point. I initially juggled the two but then decided to solely concentrate on FM about a year ago.

Who inspires you?

My family whom I am building my business for. I also enjoy the teachings of Eric Worre a networking marketing specialist, aswell as my upline Justina, whose passion is inspiring.

Best piece of advice you have given or have received?

Just do it! Just begin and stop thinking about it!

What’s your must read book or resource?

I’m reading The Secret at the moment.

Do you have a go to look or outfit for work?

Jeans, a nice top, shoes with a bit of a heel and a jacket.

Mel's Lifestyle

Mel's must-have Phenomonal Mascara

Mel's must-have Phenomonal Mascara

Favourite way to de-stress and chill?

Gin or a bottle of wine after the children have gone to bed, in silence with no distractions! Sometimes I read, I like thrillers, I last read a Girl on the Train and I also like Jojo Moyes.

Do you have a secret passion or hobby?

Pre-children making jewellery, which I hope to get back into in the future.

Ideal holiday location?

Spain, Costa Blanca which we last visited in June.

What one ‘bucket list’ thing would you love to do this year?

In business, getting to the next level in my business. Personally, read another book, it took me a year to read the last one!

Three things you’d take on a desert island?

Phenomenal Mascara by FM. A book, which I’ll actually get to read without distractions. A toothbrush.

Mel's Style

Date-night outfit, in a Zara coat she bought on our first shopping trip together

Date-night outfit, in a Zara coat she bought on our first shopping trip together

What's the best bargain in your wardrobe?

£28 leather Office boots which I wear loads!

Most treasured or oldest item in your wardrobe?

A spotted black and cream floaty silk skirt I bought in Paris with my now husband. I will probably never wear it again but will always keep it, because of the memories.

What’s on your wish list at the moment?

A summer dress, I live in shorts and jeans.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

20-30 including flip flops and things.

This or That?

Relaxing and enjoying down time

Relaxing and enjoying down time

Heels or Flats?


Shoes or handbags?


Skirt or trousers?


Lipstick or smoky eye?


Hat or scarf?


Thank you Mel! You can find out more about Mel and the FM Cosmetics and Fragrance range on her Facebook page or the full product range is on her website, I love the FM make-up range and use their foundation, concealer, mascara and eye shadows, so give it a try!