Awakening Your Dreams Whilst Wearing a Red Dress: Meet Joanna Butler


Joanna is one of the most passionate people you can hope to meet, her smile, enthusiasm and determination to help  others radiates from her. 

Having had a fast paced career in technology and marketing, Joanna burnt out and realised that she needed to rebuild her career and reevaluate her purpose. During her journey back to health, Joanna discovered life changing tools which enriched her life and helped her refocus her energies. Joanna now helps others shift their personal limitations and establish a mindset to allow them to achieve their own goals. Here's Joanna's Story:


Joanna's Business

Awakening dreams

Awakening dreams

What made you start your business?

A very strong desire to help people and make a positive difference in their lives on a personal level.

Who inspires you?

It doesn't matter where someone is along their journey in life, I'm always inspired by people who have the tenacity to continue to identify and chase their dreams.

Best piece of advice you have given or have received?

"Set your intention and let go of the outcome." I set intentions at the beginning of every day plus any other significant activity including client sessions, classes, even rest time. Letting go of the outcome is crucial, though. This allows an even better or more suitable outcome than you could have imagined. It opens up infinite possibilities. It also allows you to go with the flow when things don't go as planned and do whatever is needed rather than getting too upset. 

What’s your must read book or resource?

The Diamond Cutter - The Buddha on managing your business and your life, by Geshe Michael Roach and Lama Christie McNally - has literally changed my life AND my business.

Do you have a go to look or outfit for work?

I would have to say the red dress from Blonde and Wise that is becoming part of my business's branding right now. It represents so many dreams coming true for me: the dress itself, the trip to Paris for New Years Eve and the soul mate who I met and went with and wore it for. But day-to-day it would have to be smart-casual clothes or probably yoga clothes since I work from home and am studying yoga.

Joanna's Lifestyle

Seeing the culture and making memories

Seeing the culture and making memories

Favourite way to de-stress and chill?

Has to be yoga or walking in nature or the two combined!

Do you have a secret passion or hobby?

I have recently taken up pencil drawing again and am absolutely loving it! It takes me a while to find things I want to draw and the time, but when I do, I adore it. It's so relaxing!

Ideal holiday location?

Literally anywhere. Including at home. But usually wherever my loved ones are so we can make great memories and share experiences together. If there's sunshine, gentle warmth, some culture to explore too... then I'm in heaven!

What one ‘bucket list’ thing would you love to do this year?

I must admit I don't really have bucket list items anymore as I just seem to DO them as fast as I dream them up! My latest ones:

  • Spend NYE in Paris with my man, celebrating in a red dress (done already!)

  • Visit Wales in the springtime (going in a few weeks!)

  • Study yoga (in training right now!)

  • Build up my aerobic fitness / stamina to do some leisure cycling and gentle jogs with my man by late summer (on track so far!)

Three things you’d take on a desert island?

Raw cacao / chocolate. Isagenix chocolate shakes (there's a theme here!). Oh, and my man! 

Joanna's Style

Red Blonde and Wise dress

Red Blonde and Wise dress

What's the best bargain in your wardrobe?

Probably the leather boots from Dune that have endured thousands of miles of travels, lots of plane rides, snow and winter weather down to -20 deg C. They've only been re-soled once and still polish up well! 

Most treasured or oldest item in your wardrobe?

At the moment it's probably the red dress, 'Anna' by Blonde and Wise that I mentioned earlier. 

Latest wardrobe addition?

A beautiful handmade moonstone and gold necklace by Jess from Jess Kay Designs. 

What’s on your wish list at the moment?

I'm dreaming of some more bootleg or even flared jeans that I used to own years ago. Super comfy and I love wider leg styles.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Probably about 20 which sounds like a lot! 

This or That?

Complete as one

Complete as one

Heels or Flats?

Always love heels, but most of the time I go for flats because of my active lifestyle.

Shoes or handbags?


Skirt or trousers?

Always prefer how I feel in skirts but, again, trousers just suit my lifestyle most of the time!

Lipstick or smoky eye?

Smoky eye.

Hat or scarf?

Scarf although I adore hats! I just never seem to find an opportunity to wear one!

Thank you Joanna! You can find out more about Joanna and just be inspired with her passion and insights on her Facebook page. Or if you would like to find out more about how she can help you awaken and align your dreams and life goals, head over to her website.