Style Question... What Footwear Do I Wear With These Khaki Crop Trousers?

I recently had a query from one of my lovely client's who had picked up these fab cropped khaki trousers from Oasis but wasn't sure what footwear to wear with them. 

Cropped trousers can be a bit daunting if you haven't worn them before and people often think they can't wear them if they are shorter or heavier in the leg as they create a visual break in your leg line. However, with the right footwear this needn't be a worry!

Three Easy Ways to Wear Them

1. With Trainers

Stick to simple low or slip-on styles, rather than high tops to maximise the length of your pins!

2. With Boots

Channelling a 70s vibe,  perfect for winter. Just ensure that when you sit down that the boot comes up high enough so that you continue to see the boot or alternatively some hosiery in the same colour as the boot to continue it's look.

3. With Heels

Dress up your crops for the evening with a simple court shoe or heel. Avoid any details around the ankle or lots of strap details and elongate with lower cut styles.

High Street Finds

Given the warm khaki colour of the trousers, the trousers would look best with a warm neutral, such as camel, tan or brown. The footwear would then compliment and work with other pieces in your wardrobe. Here are a few options...

Converse, Office £59.99

Converse, Office £59.99

Next, £55

Next, £55

Debenhams, £78

Debenhams, £78

Do You Have a Style Question?

If you have found an item and you are not sure what or how to wear with it, send me a message  and I'll be happy to help! In the meantime, head over to my Facebook page for regular style tips and ideas.