Masterclass...How to Colour Block

I recently spotted this photo of Chrissy Tiegan in a fab berry and orange colour blocked outfit. It looks so chic and effective and is perfect if you like to keep details in your outfit minimal but like to wear colour!

What is Colour Blocking?

It's a method of wearing multiple solid colours in an outfit. The outfits is usually limited to a palette of two or three colours, often in contrasting shades. There are no patterns in the outfit as this would take away the 'block' effect. It was very popular in the 60's and 80's but looks just as contemporary today. 

How Do I Use it in an Outfit?

There are a number of ways that you can use colour blocking in an outfit:

1. Use the same colour throughout the outfit, but in different shades. 

2. Use separates in two or three contrasting colours. 

3. Buy an outfit off the shelf where the garments have been blocked for you.

Which Colours Should I Use?

This is where a good old colour wheel comes in handy! The most popular choices for colour blocking are by either using two colours which are opposite each other in the colour wheel, known as complimentary colours. Or as Chrissy has done above, use colours which are next to each other in the colour wheel, known as analogous colours. You could also use one colour but in different shades, known as monochromatic.

How Do I Accessorise an Outfit?

It depends on how brave you're feeling! With so many colours going on in one outfit you may want to tone it down with neutral accessories to ground the look, such as black, navy or tan. If you're feeling brave and have stuck to a monochromatic or analgous combination, you could try a contrasting accent.

I hope that gives you some inspiration, let me know how you get on and don't forget to like my Facebook page for regular style tips and inspiration.