Client Experience: Elaine's Online Capsule Wardrobe Fix

Elaine had a colour and style consultation a few years ago with a different consultant. Elaine has always followed the advice given to her, but has found it difficult to always find pieces in the shops which tick all the boxes, whilst still looking contemporary.


Elaine works four days as a Legal Executive spending most of her time seeing client's in the office, but occasionally having to go on last minute hearings to court with little notice. Elaine therefore requires a flexible business casual wardrobe, with the option to upgrade to a suit when required.


To complement Elaine's cool, deep Winter colouring I chose basics in neutral colours of black and grey for a skirt, trousers and jackets, combining them with accents of deep forest green, deep fuchsia and aubergine. This ensured that everything worked together to provide as many outfit options for Elaine as possible.


Here is Elaine in a couple of her new outfits:



"My work wardrobe had become dated and I hate shopping for work clothes. Some pieces I have had for longer than I care to think about, there may even have been a few maternity pieces left from when I was pregnant with my son, 4 years ago! Although my wardrobe was full, I only wore a few things to work and felt that I didn't have anything to wear, I'm sure my colleagues were bored seeing me in the same old things! I owned a lot of suits from a previous role which I no longer use, but had not got around to replacing them with a new more casual wardrobe.  To complicate matters, I currently have a foot injury which means that my old shoes were uncomfortable and I had reverted to wearing slippers whilst sat at my desk!

I have been looking at Hayley's outfit boards for a while and when she launched the new Capsule Wardrobe Fix, it was the perfect solution! I asked Hayley to source me a Capsule Wardrobe with a budget of £400, to include some comfortable shoes and nothing that needed dry cleaning, it's a pain!

I was so excited when I received the first outfit board, I couldn't believe I could get a months worth of outfits from twelve pieces! I just loved how it all worked together. There was a pair of shoes which I wasn't keen on, so Hayley substituted them for me. My favourite piece is the dark forest green blouse with a jewelled neckline, which I would never have looked at in the shops, but I absolutely love it!

The process was so easy, I liked being able to order everything myself when I had time. There was a couple of pieces that didn't fit me when they arrived, but Hayley suggested alternatives which work really well. I feel so much better going to work and have had so many compliments. I can't wait to get Hayley to help me with a new Capsule for my casual wardrobe next year! "