Client Experience: Alison's Wardrobe Update

Alison is a busy mum to two gorgeous daughters both under three. Due to Alison's recent pregnancies and demands of motherhood, she hadn't invested in her wardrobe which had meant that it had become dated and worn out. Alison called on me to bring her wardrobe back up to date!

The Brief

Alison wanted to create a contemporary and sophisticated wardrobe, which was practical for days with her daughters, but also a few pieces for work and evenings out.

Alison had a few items in her wardrobe that she still loved but that she had nothing to wear with them, such as a sequinned skirt and charcoal grey blazer. 

Together, we came up with a selection of images to inspire our shopping trip, which would then form the basis of Alison's new wardrobe.

You can see from the images that Alison prefers a neutral, muted palette of colours, with a mix of classic pieces and contemporary details. From this, I compiled a shopping list. This included updated basics which would form the backbone of Alison's wardrobe and finishing touches, such as a blanket scarf, a fedora hat and animal print ballet flats.

Shopping Trip

We headed into Nottingham and hit the High Street shops including H&M, Zara, Next and Oasis.  We found Alison lots of pieces that she could layer over the winter, rediscovered her love of hats and found an amazing festive outfit! The one thing we struggled with was finding wide fitting shoes. As is common in the shops, they have plenty of choice if you are a standard size/height/fit, but if you require tall/petite/wide fittings the stock in the stores is low or non-existent, so it's often a case of popping online to order some additional pieces.


After a long day, including a stop off for lunch and an afternoon carrot cake to keep us energised we found some perfect outfits, here are just a few:

Outfit 1

Outfit 1

Outfit 2

Outfit 2

Outfit 3

Outfit 3

Outfit Details:

Outfit 1: Coat, Zara; Top,Jeans and bag all Oasis; Boots, Next; Necklace existing piece. 

Outfit 2: Scarf, Jumper, shirt and Gloves, all H&M; Coat, Warehouse; Jeans, Oasis; Boots, Next.

Outfit 3: Top, Skirt and necklace, Next; Bag, Oasis; Shoes existing piece.


Here is what Alison said about the experience:

My wardrobe took a back seat for effectively three years after having two children. I was left with a few well-worn favourites, very dull and dated staples and the odd pieces which didn’t go with anything else so still had price tags on!! The task of updating was daunting and I wanted to spend my limited time and money wisely so I got in touch with Hayley.

Hayley is friendly yet professional, she gave me lots of useful tips and advice on everything from how to organise my wardrobe to the best way to accessorise my clothes. Whilst out shopping Hayley kept me focused on what we were looking for and had a plan in place so that we could make best use of time. As well as finding completely new outfits, we picked up pieces to wear with items I already had, but had not yet worn so that I could make the most of them. It was  a really fun experience and I now have a wonderful selection of clothes which all work really well together, that I love. Thank you Hayley xx