The Prettiest Nursing Clothes

In celebration of national Breast Feeding Week I've found some of the best nursing bras, tops and dresses for after your bundle of joy arrives.

In an ideal world most of us would like to jump straight back into the clothes that we wore prior to our baby bump appearing. In reality this doesn't happen because we are usually carrying natural baby weight or practicality takes over. As a matching set girl prior to having my son, I found it quite difficult finding pretty co-ordinated underwear that made me feel nice whilst allowing me to feed easily. I also found nursing tops that I actually wanted to wear, tricky to track down. For those of you that are expecting or are nursing, here are some top tips that I learnt along the way:

  • Ensure you have regular fittings to ensure you are wearing the correct size. Your boobs have an amazing ability to change size whilst pregnant and I found particularly when feeding when they would increase and decrease like a yo-yo! I was amazed when I recently found the Lorna Drew range of maternity bras which you can adjust up to three cup sizes bigger- perfect!
  • Wait til your final trimester to buy a nursing bra when you're breasts shouldn't change too much more. I would then suggest buying nursing bras rather than a maternity bra to see you through the first few weeks until feeding has been established and your boobs have settled down.

  • Buy at least two sets, ideally three, you'll be doing enough washing to keep them fresh!

  • I was hesitant to spend a lot on nursing bras as I thought I would only need them for a relatively short space of time. However I ended up feeding for a year and with the reduced amount of sets I was now reliant upon, couple with the inevitable amount of times there were washed, the costs per wear were actually very small. 

  • Buy matching pants- you'll feel feel so much nicer in a matching set rather than some mismatched multi-packs!

Here are some of the best nursing underwear and clothes that I have found from Figleaves, Bravissimo, Jojomanmanbebe, ASOS, Seraphine, Tiffany Rose and Lorna Drew: