5 Genius Ideas to Help You Organise Your Wardrobe

Do you open your wardrobe and struggle to find anything? Try these simple steps to get your wardrobe ready for spring!

Like for Like

Hang the same types of items together so that when you are looking for some trousers to wear with your favourite top, you know exactly where to look! I find it works well if coats/jackets are at the farthest side of your wardrobe, with dresses next to it, followed by trousers, hangable knitwear and tops. 


Sub categorise your items into ascending colour, from light to dark. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but it helps you to identify any gaps that you have in your wardrobe which need to be filled on your next shopping trip. Too many light cardigans? Time to search for a darker one!

Pack Away

Now that we are in spring those bulky puffer and shearling coats can be packed away to free up some valuable space in your wardrobe. The same goes for any out of season clothing which you are not going to be wearing over the next few months. You can always get them out again if we enter another ice age over the summer! Vacuum pack bags are great to maximise storage, find them in places like Dunelm or on Amazon. 


To stop any unpleasant smells from escaping into the rest of your wardrobe, keep your shoes in boxes. If you can afford to invest, clear shoe boxes are great for seeing what's inside, Lakeland have some great one. Or alternatively take some photos and stick them on the outside so you know where they are hiding!

Swap, Recycle or Sell

Are you really likely to fit back into those trousers you wore 10 years ago? If you haven't worn it for a year you are unlikely to start wearing it again, so let somebody else get the benefit from it by swapping it with friends, recycling or selling it. That way you will have more room for the pieces that you love and more room to fill with any new purchases! If you are attached to  a piece for sentimental reasons, pack it away so you still have it but its not taking up valuable space in your everyday wardrobe.