Hello, I’m Hayley

I offer bespoke styling services to help you simplify your wardrobe, enabling you to effortlessly put outfits together, so you can shop with purpose and joy.

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Reignite Your Confidence

It's so easy to get lost when life gets busy, not having time for yourself and loosing your way. You forget what you truly like and feels good on you. We get bombarded with the latest trends and overwhelmed by choice, making it difficult to know what's right for us. It often results in spontaneous purchases and a disjointed wardrobe. But through my bespoke services, we focus on getting back to what truly suits you, your colouring, your body and your likes. It gives you clarity and allows you to express and elevate your individual style in your way. It's cathartic and makes life simpler!

Working with Me

I help those who want to look stylish and contemporary, but do not want to be led by trends and fashion.

Those who want affordable, quality and versatile pieces, which last and can be worn again and again.

Those who want to look good and feel confident in what they wear, but be comfortable.

Those who want comprehensive and professional advice, but easy to apply everyday.

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Transform Your Wardrobe

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Wardrobe Consultations

Covering colour, proportions and style, so that you can be confident in your clothing choices.

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Online Services

Inspiration, outfit boards and online shopping tailored to you, when you need them.

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Personal Shopping

Experiences to take the stress out of shopping, helping you find versatile and functional pieces.

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Group Experiences

Share the experience of a Colour Analysis together with friends, family or work colleagues.

What My Client's Say