Style and Wardrobe Consultation





My emphasis is always on finding you practical, comfortable clothing that is contemporary and stylish. My consultations are tailored to your individual needs and budget.

What's included: The Style Foundations

I appreciate that there is no one size fits all and you will have your own unique clothing, outfit and wardrobe dilemmas to solve. However there are four Style Foundations which underpin success in everybody's wardrobe and that I therefore include in every consultation:

1. Colour Analysis

Find out the family of colours that make you glow! 

You will discover:

  • The best colours to use to form the basis of your wardrobe in your clothes and accessories.
  • Hair and make-up colours to choose to compliment your look.
  • How to use colour to your benefit you at work or in business.

You will receive a personalised fabric colour swatch.

2. Body Shape and Proportions

Discover the styles of clothes which will enhance your figure, hide the bits that you don't like and highlight the assets that you do!

The consultation is non-intrusive and there is no need to undress. The advice is sensitive and informative. We can cover:

  • The best clothing, hair and glass styles to suit you.
  • How to use accessories to complete your look.
  • Ways to incorporate current trends into your wardrobe

You will receive a bespoke Style Guide with all relevant advice tailored to you.

3. Your Personal Style

Get clear on your personal style so that you can make your outfits distinctly you.

  • Get clear on what you love and don't love so that you feel confident in your choices. 
  • Understand how to incorporate your style into your outfits.
  • Discover new brands to try.

You will receive a Pinterest Board of inspiration.

4. Wardrobe Weeding

Minimise to maximise! Declutter and organise your wardrobe so that you have a wardrobe of workable outfits.


  • Clear out the items which you no longer wear.
  • Utilise your exiting pieces and learn how to create new outfit combinations
  • Identify pieces that are missing to plug any gaps in your wardrobe to complete outfits.

You will have an organised wardrobe which makes it easy for you to put together an outfit.

5. Post Consultation

I will continue to help you on your style journey.

  • You will receive a recommended list of pieces to fill the gaps in your wardrobe, with suggestions as to what to buy and where to find it.
  • A follow up call with me to review and see how you are getting on, ask any questions you may have.


Do you enjoy shopping but just not sure whether you always get it right? This comprehensive 2-3 hour session will show you exactly what suits and flatters you. You have all the tools you need to go forward with confidence! £200

Complete Style


Deluxe Shopper


Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes but struggle to create outfits? After a cathartic wardrobe weed and re-organisation during this 4-5 hour session you will have a wardrobe to inspire you! £300

One of the best Investments I’ve ever made.
— Louise