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Absolutely loved my experience with Hayley ... I’ll never shop the same way again :-) x
— Esther

Your Transformation

You are busy, you have lots of commitments with family and work. You no longer want to spend time worrying about what you should wear to work, when you meet friends or get an invite to a special occasion. You want to have those clothes ready at hand so you can show up looking confident, ready for any challenges that face you or opportunities that rise and not worrying about your outfit.

You are fed up with buying the same colours and styles of clothes that you are not even sure suit you or you even like! You want to stop buying clothes on a whim and instead have a plan. You want to discover and embrace new options and combinations, pieces that you truly love and that you know love you.

You no longer want to waste money on clothing that you don't wear and you want to get value from your clothes. You want to wear each piece time and time again, without feeling that you are constantly missing something or continually having to overhaul your wardrobe each season. You want a wardrobe that you can update seasonally to reflect key trends that you like to keep your look fresh. 

You no longer want to feel overwhelmed when you go clothes shopping, unsure what to buy or even where to start. You want to reignite your confidence in choosing your clothes. You want practical knowledge and easy to apply skills to make the process straight forward and easy.

But most of all I want you to realise what you truly like, what you want to wear, to choose things that you want not because of what's in fashion, what looks good on someone else, because it's a 'bargain' or because you think you need it. But because you love it and it works for your personal style, so that you can be your most fabulous natural self!

Let me guide you on your own personal style journey. I will give you comprehensive advice and principles that you can apply to your own wardrobe and style, that's simple to understand and implement. You can have a  wardrobe of easy to wear outfits that you love that is perfect for whatever you are doing that day, let me show you how!

THANK YOU!!! Went shopping this weekend, armed with my swatches, came away with two tops and four pairs of trousers that I am delighted with.......the difference in my confidence levels was eeee-nor-mouse! You have helped me to get rid of a lot of the hhmmmm-ing and aaahh-ing over styles, colours and fit. You’re a gem and I am so delighted that we met. Thank you again xx
— Suzanne